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Arsenal’s Chances of Victory in the Premier League: Analytics and Prospects

Arsenal, one of the most iconic football clubs in England, has enjoyed a rich history in the Premier League. However, in recent seasons, their performance has experienced fluctuations, leaving many supporters and observers wondering about their chances of winning the league. In this essay, we will exploit several factors that influence Arsenal’s chances of winning in the Premier League.

1. Team performance

Team performance is the most important aspect that influences Arsenal’s chances of winning in the Premier League. These include stability in performance, goal-scoring prowess, compact defence, and the ability to handle pressure in tight matches. Over the last few seasons, Arsenal have shown improvement in several aspects of their game, but have also experienced crucial downturns in significant matches.

2. Management Club

The priority of club management should not be ignored when looking at Arsenal’s chances of winning. The quality of club management, including managers and coaching staff, and transfer regulations and control of resources, can have a crucial influence on the team’s performance on the pitch. Changing managers and changing strategies have an impact on how teams play and how they face competitive challenges.

3. Player Quality

The quality of players is a key factor when determining a team’s chance of winning. Arsenal already has several potential players in the team, but their success in scoring wins depends on their stability and strength to adapt to increasingly tough competition. Improving the team and adding quality players can increase the team’s chances of winning.

4. Competition in the League

The English League is known as one of the strongest and most competitive leagues in the world. Exciting competition between great teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United made Arsenal’s journey to victory not easy. The higher level of competition requires Arsenal to play at their best level and show stability in their performance throughout the season.

5. External factors

Apart from several internal factors, there are also several external factors that could influence Arsenal’s chances of winning in the Premier League. Player injuries, referee decisions, weather conditions, and several other lucky factors can have a crucial impact on the outcome of the match. A club’s ability to handle some of these challenges well will influence their chances of winning.

Prospects for the Future

Even though Arsenal have faced obstacles and changes in the last few seasons, their prospects for winning in the Premier League remain promising. With capable management, potential players, and support from loyal supporters, Arsenal has the potential to compete at the top of the standings. However, to achieve stable wins, they still have to improve their performance and face the competition with higher will and determination.


Arsenal’s chances of winning in the Premier League are influenced by several factors, including team performance, club management, player quality, league competition and other external factors. Even though the obstacles faced are not small, Arsenal has the potential to score a crucial victory if they can handle these obstacles well and play at their best level. With the support of loyal supporters, Arsenal has everything it takes to achieve success in the Premier League.

Zidane really wants to train in Italy

Zinedine Zidane has not currently coached again after leaving Real Madrid. One day, Zizou wants to try out coaching a club in Italy.

Zidane was trusted to become the head coach of the Real Madrid senior team in 2016. He previously spent time as Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant and coached the Castilla team.

Zidane’s achievements as Madrid coach were very good. The French football legend has won two LaLiga titles and three Champions Leagues.

Zidane is currently still not coaching after completing his second period at Madrid in 2021. Zidane has been linked with many top clubs as long as there is no new boat.

The 51 year old man is currently in Italy. Zidane came to attend the premiere of Marcello Lippi’s documentary. The famous Italian tactician was the figure who established Zidane as a top footballer at Juventus.

Italy is also a familiar country for Zidane. The winner of the 1998 World Cup title really wants to have a career in the world of coaching in Italy.

“Why not, anything can happen. I want to train in Italy one day,” Zidane told DAZN.

“I’m not coaching at the moment, but why not? I like Italy and I like football in Italy,” he stressed.

Massimiliano Allegri’s future at Juventus is currently still a question mark. So, it is not impossible for Zidane to return to the Bianconeri as a coach.

Ferrari Announces Hamilton Joining in 2025

Ferrari has announced the signing of Lewis Hamilton for 2025. He comes to replace Carlos Sainz.

“Scuderia Ferrari is proud to announce that Lewis Hamilton will join the team in 2025, on a multi-year contract (multi-year contract),” read a statement from the team with the Prancing Horse logo, Friday (2/2/2024) early morning WIB.

Hamilton’s arrival from Mercedes also shifted Carlos Sainz’s position. Ferrari ensures that the 2024 season will be the end of its time together with Carlos Sainz.

“We still have one more season to give everything together with Carlos Sainz,” read Scuderia Ferrari’s tweet on the X account.

Can Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari beat Verstappen?

Charles Leclerc signed a new contract with Ferrari last week. Leclerc will also be Hamilton’s teammate at Ferrari starting next year.

Hamilton is a seven-time world champion and is the most successful driver in Formula 1 history with 103 wins and 104 pole positions. Michael Schumacher is the only other rider with seven world titles.

However, Ferrari’s decision to bring in Hamilton actually needs to be questioned. Hamilton has not won a race since December 2021.

Ducati is negotiating a new contract with Bagnaia

Francesco Bagnaia is on the verge of getting a new contract with Ducati. Both parties are still undergoing the negotiation stage.

The Italian rider’s contract will expire at the end of the 2024 season. Ducati has clearly wanted this collaboration to continue after Bagnaia successfully became MotoGP world champion in the last two seasons.

“We are working to try to get an agreement with Pecco,” Ducati General Manager Gigi Dall’Igna told Speedweek.

“A contract with a two-time MotoGP world champion is never easy, so we still have work to do. However, I hope to sort it out in the near future,” he said.

Most of the riders except Brad Binder (KTM) and Luca Marini (Honda) both have remaining contracts until the end of this year. It is believed that the driver market will immediately become busy at the start of the championship.

At Ducati itself, it is very possible that there will be changes to the rider line-up for 2025. Pecco Bagnaia has the potential to have a new tandem because it is said that Enea Bastianini will not be retained due to a disappointing debut season.

It’s even more interesting because 2023 MotoGP runner-up Jorge Martin gave Ducati an ultimatum to promote him to the factory team. Meanwhile, Marc Marquez has the potential to become Martin’s rival after joining Gresini.

“In my opinion, a lot of riders will move at the start of the season. So I think there will be a lot of news to report for you in the first few months of the year,” said Dall’Igna.

Summary of Indonesia’s Journey in the 2023 Asian Cup: Making New History

The Indonesian national team took their suitcases from the 2023 Asian Cup. This is the journey of the Garuda squad in this event, which made new history.

Indonesia will appear in the 2023 Asian Cup after finishing runner up in qualifying. Shin Tae-yong’s men finished second behind Jordan in Group A in qualifying in 2022.

In the final round, Indonesia was then joined in Group D. The Red and White Team had to compete with Japan, Iraq and Vietnam.

Indonesia came to the 2023 Asian Cup bringing a number of hereditary players. Apart from Elkan Baggott and Jordi Amat, four additional ammunition arrived, namely Sandy Walsh, Justin Hubner, Rafael Struick and Ivar Jenner.

The high target was then set by STY. The coach from South Korea is determined to qualify for the last 16.

Group Phase

In the group phase, the Indonesian national team started competition in Group D of the 2023 Asian Cup against Iraq. Playing at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, January 15 2024, Asnawi Mangkualam et al were beaten by Iraq 1-3.

Iraq’s goals were scored by Mohanad Ali, Osama Rashid and Aymen Hussein. Meanwhile, Indonesia only responded through Marselino Ferdinan’s goal.

Indonesia’s second match was then against Vietnam on (19/1). The rival from Southeast Asia was defeated with a score of 1-0.

Asnawi Mangkualam’s penalty ensured Indonesia won three points. Crucial numbers that helped ensure Indonesia qualified for the last 16.

In the last match, Indonesia then had to lose to the giant, Japan, (24/1). Indonesia lost again 1-3, and its position was threatened.

Luckily, Indonesia still qualified for the round of 16 via the best third place ranking. Indonesia finished fourth in the standings of the best third ranked teams along with Jordan, Palestine and Syria.

Indonesia’s certainty for the top 16 was determined by a draw between Kyrgyzstan vs Oman 1-1. The two were evenly matched so that Oman could not overtake Indonesia’s position in the standings for the best third ranked team, and had to settle for finishing fifth.

Qualifying for the last 16 of the 2023 Asian Cup is new history for the Indonesian national team. Because, Indonesia could only get stuck in the group phase in the previous four editions in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2007.

Round of 16

In the round of 16, Indonesia faced giants again. Australia, who won the 2015 edition, played at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium, Al Rayyan, Sunday (28/1/2024).

In that match, Indonesia lost badly to Australia. Ernando Ari Sutaryadi’s goal was broken four times, each time by Elkan Baggott’s suicide, then by Martin Boyle, Craig Goodwin and Harry Souttar.

This defeat made Indonesia end its work in the 2023 Asian Cup. Indonesia stopped in the round of 16, which would have been a new history for the Red and White team.

Throughout the 2023 Asian Cup, the Indonesian National Team scored 3 goals and conceded 10 times. Indonesia’s defense record is the worst, because Indonesia has never conceded that many goals in the previous four editions.

Indonesia vs Vietnam: Struick wants Garuda to be sharper

Rafael Struick wants Indonesia to be sharper when facing Vietnam than when facing Iraq. Vietnam’s solid back line will be a test for Garuda.

Indonesia vs Vietnam will be presented in the second match of Group D of the 2023 Asian Cup at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, Friday (19/1/2024). In the first match, both sides lost.

The Garuda team was defeated by Iraq 1-3, while The Golden Stars lost to Japan 2-4. These results mean that both teams must win this match to maintain their hopes in the knockout phase.

Vietnam is currently in third place in Group D while Indonesia is at the bottom. They are three points behind Iraq and Japan in the top position.

However, Indonesia’s mission to get three points in the match against Vietnam will not be easy. The pillar of the Red and White Team, Rafael Struick, believes that Philippe Troussier’s children are a good team.

This was reflected when Vietnam fought Japan. Even though they lost, Vietnam caused trouble for Japan, who was the top seed in this event.

Struick wants his team to be sharper in the next match than they were against Iraq. In the match against the Mesopotamian Lions, Indonesia only fired one shot at goal from Iraq.

The solidity of Vietnam’s defense line is clearly a test for the quality of Shin Tae-yong’s attack. However, Struick is confident that Indonesia will be able to dismantle it in the duel later.

“After the first match, I think the evaluation is that we have to work even harder in the second match. Now we focus on the match against Vietnam,” Rafael was quoted as saying on the PSSI website.

“I saw their match against Japan. We will sharpen our game pattern in scoring goals against Iraq. Their defense is good, we will try to break it down. It will be difficult, but we have the opportunity to do it,” he added.

2023 Asian Cup: Indonesia is sprinkled with naturalization, Vietnam is not afraid

Vietnam will play the second match in Group D of the 2023 Asian Cup against Indonesia. The Garuda squad, which is studded with hereditary players, does not make opponents afraid.

Vietnam vs Indonesia will be presented in the second match of Group D of the 2023 Asian Cup. The match will be held at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, Doha, Friday (19/1/2024).

Both teams both lost in their first match. Vietnam was beaten by Japan 2-4, while Indonesia was silenced by Iraq 1-3

The two Southeast Asian representatives will fight again on the Asian Cup stage, after previously meeting frequently in the AFF Cup. Indonesia now comes with a different squad.

Indonesia came to the 2023 Asian Cup bringing many hereditary players. Four additional hereditary players were brought in apart from Elkan Baggott and Jordi Amat, namely Sandy Walsh, Ivar Jenner, Rafael Struick and Justin Hubner, who all play in Europe.

The six hereditary players did not make Vietnam afraid. Defender Vo Minh Trong admitted that his team was ready to serve him and achieve the best results.

“Indonesia’s advantage is its enthusiasm and the presence of naturalized players. I know their squad has 5 or 6 naturalized European players. However, facing Indonesia or any opponent, the Vietnamese team always plays with a spirit of dedication, determination to achieve the best results,” said Vo Minh Trong, reported by Thanh Nien media.

The match will also be a determining factor for Vietnam and Indonesia regarding their fate in the 2023 Asian Cup. Vo Minh Trong admitted that his team had prepared as best as possible.

“In terms of performance, the coach has prepared it, I won’t reveal it,” he said.

“And we are always ready to fight, because this is an important match that determines the Vietnamese team’s ability to continue moving forward,” explained the 22-year-old Vietnamese player.

Indonesian National Team Starting Goalkeeper: Ernando, Nadeo or Riyandi?

There are three goalkeepers in the final squad for the Indonesian national team at the 2023 Asian Cup. Who will be the starter: Ernando Ari, Nadeo Argawinata, or Muhammad Riyandi?

Of the three names, Nadeo was the last name to enter the Indonesian national team squad. He replaced Syahrul Trisna who was injured.

The Indonesian national team itself will face Iraq in the first match of the 2023 Asian Cup. After that, it will be Vietnam’s turn to face four days later. In the final match of the group phase, the Garuda Squad challenged the Japanese Blue Samurai.

Indonesia’s schedule for the 2023 Asian Cup

Indonesia vs Iraq schedule
Time: Monday 15 January 2024, 17.30 local time, aka 21.30 WIB
Venue: Play at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan

Vietnam vs Indonesia schedule
Time: Friday 19 January 2024, 17.30 local time, aka 21.30 WIB
Venue: Play at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, Doha

Japan vs Indonesia schedule
Time: Wednesday 24 January 2024, 14:30 local time, aka 18.30 WIB
Venue: Play at Al Thumama Stadium, Doha

For these matches, one of the things that Indonesian National Team Coach Shin Tae-yong will really take into account is the selection of the main goalkeeper. In the last five matches, the Garuda squad conceded a total of 17 goals.

A number of goals were born from blunders by defenders. And of course the goalkeeper cannot be responsible alone when a goal is scored in the net. But careful selection of a goalkeeper as a starter is still important in order to provide a “feeling of security” for the team — especially in a tournament.

Three Indonesian national team goalkeepers in the 2023 Asian Cup

1. Ernando Ari

Summarized from Indsport, Ernando Ari is said to have the greatest chance of becoming the main goalkeeper for the Indonesian National Team in the 2023 Asian Cup.

One of the reasons is of course the fact that the Persebaya Surabaya goalkeeper has also started the Indonesian national team’s last two matches — and three times in the last four matches, according to Soccerway’s records.

So far Ernando has six caps with the Indonesian National Team.

2. Nadeo Argawinata

Nadeo Argawinata was called up to the final squad for the Indonesian National Team in the 2023 Asian Cup to replace Syahrul Trisna who was injured.

The 26 year old goalkeeper who plays for Borneo FC has so far won 24 caps for the Garuda Squad. The highest number among his two colleagues in the squad this time.

The last time Nadeo appeared in goal for the Indonesian national team was in the World Cup Qualification match in November 2023. At that time the Garuda Squad lost 1-5 against Iraq, the Indonesian National Team’s first opponent in the 2023 Asian Cup.

3. Muhammad Riyandi

Muhammad Riyandi is the next name. This 24 year old goalkeeper appeared with Persis Solo this season and so far has 5 caps in the Indonesian National Team.

Compared to Ernando and Nadeo, Riyandi has been absent from defending the national team for quite a long time. Indsport noted that his last appearance in goal for the Indonesian national team was on November 25 2021 in a 4-1 win against Myanmar in a trial match.

Dramatic Win Over Newcastle Proof of Man City’s Champion Mentality

Pep Guardiola was enthusiastic about seeing Manchester City’s dramatic victory over Newcastle United. It’s acknowledged that tough wins like these are sometimes necessary.

Manchester City recorded a comeback when they visited St James’ Park, Sunday (14/1/2024) early morning WIB, in the continuation of the Premier League. Having taken the lead through Bernardo Silva, the Citizens then fell behind due to goals from Alexander Isak and Anthony Gordon.

Kevin de Bruyne’s entry in the 69th minute was the catalyst for Man City’s revival. He scored a goal five minutes later, then provided an assist for Oscar Bobb in the 91st minute.

This victory is crucial for Manchester City who are trying to continue to stick with Liverpool. Pep Guardiola’s troops were left behind in the championship competition last November-December, but then gained momentum, especially after winning the Club World Cup.

“It was a very good match, sometimes it’s better to win that way for the team, for everything,” said Pep Guardiola, quoted by Sky Sports.

“It was an extraordinary performance from the team, we played with great character. They showed me that they want to be in the competition, to fight until the end to defend the title,” he added.

Manchester City managed to win in the Premier League in the November-December period. Erling Haaland et al have only won once in six matches.

Xavi fired after Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup?

Barcelona was beaten by Real Madrid 1-4 in the Spanish Super Cup final. Will the Blaugrana coach, Xavi Hernandez, be safe in his position?

“The question doesn’t make sense. This is the final. This is not the time to talk about Xavi’s future,” said Sports Director Deco, as reported by Marca.

“He has the trust of the president, the sports management. This is a tough defeat that should be discussed, but it didn’t happen, it won’t change anything,” he said.

Barcelona lost badly against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final. Playing at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Monday (15/1/2024) early morning WIB, Xavi’s team was slaughtered 1-4.

Madrid’s four goals were scored through a hat-trick from Vinicius Junior and one goal from Rodrygo. Meanwhile, Barcelona only scored once thanks to the action of Robert Lewandowski.

This was Barcelona’s third defeat against Real Madrid in a row in Spanish competition. Real Madrid has now collected 13 Spanish Super Cup titles, only one title away from its rival who is still the team with the most titles.

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